Our nodes connected to coins are processing payments 24/7 365 days a year. We dont hold merchants funds we forward payment upon every new transaction  so merchants get funds instantly. We host our nodes on dedicated servers around the globe protected by datacenter security, firewalls and RPC lockdowns by IP and SSH private keys. Funds are sweeped every second so we never store your funds we simply take payment and forward it on,

Create an API key, Choose your currency & link a payout wallet address to that API key and get paid, its that easy!

Accepting crypto currency payments couldnt be easier. You can process any crypto currency that we host on our network. Bitcoin, Litecoin, ZEC and DASH are only a few!


You dont need to be able to program difficult scripts or change your current online store or payment processing, our automated tools and API lets you take payments quickly and hasstle free.

As you may be aware each time you move crypto funds there is a network transaction fee, we do not have control over these network fee’s, these fee’s are usually a small amount based on the size of your transaction.

We charge a flat rate fee of 0.5% when your funds are moved to your payout wallet. This fee applies to any currency/coin.

With our Simple API service “sAPI” you can create your own payment buttons with a simple <form> element, or use CURL etc to POST to our API. Or use one of our ready made integrations for WordPress, WHMCS and OpenCart.

New: Now get coin prices, verifiy wallets and much more with our public API service (pAPI). Free 50 hit credits to get you started and test our service.

We can now process euro payments for you, let your customer choose any crypto currency they wish and we will convert from euro to choosen coin all real-time and during the transaction.


There is no extra charges for this service, simply set your currency to EURO and our system will handle the rest.


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